Gospel musician Moses OK eulogised his mother when he joined Adom TV to celebrate adoptive mothers on the occasion of Mother’s Day.

Moses, who described his mother as a strong fort in his life, said he is grateful to have witnessed first hand some sacrifices she made to fulfill her responsibility as a mother.

Pertinent of them was when she went above and beyond to seek remedy for him when he was struck by an undisclosed ailment.

According to him, all methods of medications proved abortive yet his mother did not relent, rather she obeyed every instruction she was given, even by persons who had no medical background.

He further narrated that his mother exhausted all her money and she was left with only one option – to feed him with soap mixed with honey as she had been instructed by her friend.

“After my sickness got worse and there was no money. She was frustrated day and night and she will be awake all night just to care for me. My mother’s friend told her to grate a particular soap and mix with honey for me to drink. She was so desperate that she had to make the unhealthy concoction for me to drink.”

He made the revelation while commenting on how unmeasurable a mother’s love for her child is, and the extreme they would go for their offspring.

In Moses OK’s opinion, he would not have been the recognised gospel minister he is currently if not for the prayers and backing of his mother.


Watch his ministration below: