In 2003, Moses OK embarked on his musical journey with the release of his album titled ‘Osoro Taa W’akyi.’ With the support of his friend, a pastor and businessman named Stephen Opuni, Moses took a bold step into the unknown.

The seven-track album, which featured hits like ‘Enti Mepaa Meni,’ ‘Osoro Taa W’akyi,’ ‘Mene No Anante,’ and ‘Onyame Do Me,’ showcased Moses’ songwriting skills.

During an interview on Adom TV’s M’ashyase3 Show with Afia Amankwaa Tamakloe, Moses revealed the inspiration behind ‘Osoro Taa W’akyi,’ which translates to ‘Heaven Backs You.’

He shared that he drew inspiration from a book by Bishop Oyedepo, which he used to encourage a prayer colleague whose father was facing a court case.

Moses realised that as a loving Heavenly Father, God had already taken care of their needs even before they asked.

Despite challenging circumstances while growing up under his grandmother’s care, Moses held onto the belief that God would provide him with a bright future.

Hailing from Barikese Amoamang and being the third of seven children, Moses OK faced an uncertain future.

However, he has since released five albums, featuring popular songs like ‘Meda W’ase,’ ‘Kakra Nkakra,’ ‘Wo Ne M’adi No Yie,’ and ‘Midawaase.’ Moses also acknowledged the difficulties he encountered when transitioning from manual music production to digital production due to financial constraints.

Throughout his journey, Moses credited his mother for instilling in him the ways of the Lord and described his wife as a strong pillar of support.

Reflecting on his experiences and influences, Moses OK shared this inspiring quote: “I realized that even before I ask God for anything, as a Good Father, He has already done it for me. So I was thanking God for a good future that I did not have yet. Even though the situation at that time was not good at all… I believed God would give me an expected ending.”

Moses OK’s musical career stands as a testament to his unwavering faith and determination to pursue his passion, inspiring others along the way.