Don Little

Experience they say is the best teacher and Kumawood actor Don Little couldn’t agree more as he has revealed he has learnt that familiarity breeds the utmost disrespect.

The actor, in an interview on Adom TV‘s Okukuseku, revealed he has been forced to quit smiling in public as it becomes an invitation for strangers to act too casually with him.

According to Don Little who is in his early twenties, people tend to treat him like a child due to his diminutive nature.

He made the comment while detailing some aspects of his life he would love to change if he had the chance to.

In the interview, Don Little remarked strangers meet him in public and run their hands through his hair as though he’s a child while others attempt to carry him.

“I am a man, not a boy so if I smile with you and you think it’s okay to be doing certain things, it’s purely nonfa. I won’t accept that. When I meet someone and they speak too casually with me, I won’t even bother responding. It’s not as if I am rude, the approach is just not right. So I won’t even smile to give you the opportunity to get close to me,” he added.

In recent times, there have been complaints of the Kumawood actor giving cheeky responses and other times totally disregarding his fans.

This, Don Little said he does not intend to change, as it is his own way of maintaining some level of respect between him and strangers.

The actor pleaded with Ghanaians to give him equal treatment they give other ‘normal’ celebrities.