Ghanaian actor Don Little has sent out a caution to musician King Paluta following a viral video showing him participating in Vice President Mahamudu Bawumia’s campaign activities.

King Paluta was captured singing alongside the Vice President on a bus during his Ashanti Regional tour.

In response to criticism and questions about his involvement, King Paluta defended his actions, asserting that he saw no issue in responding to the Bawumia’s honorary call.

However, Don Little has expressed contrasting views, believing it to be an ill-advised move for King Paluta’s emerging career in the entertainment industry.

He reminded the musician that no politician contributed to his rise to stardom, the reason he urges King Paulta to take a neutral stance in political matters.

Don Little advised King Paluta not to dread politicians, but love them from afar.

Acknowledging King Paluta’s focus on the business side of music, Don Little cautioned that affiliating with political figures could lead to him being prematurely associated with a specific political party.

He advised King Paluta to prioritize producing quality music and building his brand independently, as such foundation would yield long-term success.