Van Vicker

Many fans of Van Vicker, who are obsessed with his skills, have little knowledge acting is nothing but his ‘option B’.

The filmmaker, in a latest post, revealed he had interest in gynecology, but settled on acting due to financial constraints.

He made the revelation when making a case for the New Patriotic Party’s Free Senior High School (SHS) and tertiary policy.

According to him, if such a policy had existed back in 1996, he would have enrolled in the university to materialise his dream of being a seasoned gynecologist.


He elaborated his SHS education expenses depleted his mother’s savings, for which he had to settle for a less costly profession.

But, he believes such a burden on parents is over per the government’s full school fees absorption programme.

Actor Majid Michel has also once said that prior to acting, the profession he fancied was gynecology.