Deputy Aviation Minister, Yaw Afful, has attributed the disagreement of Ghanaians in the payment of the Covid-19 testing fee to lack of sensitisation.

Comparing the fee to the mandatory quarantine process, Mr Afful opined the $150, equivalent to GHS 870, testing fee is relatively cheaper and more convenient.

He explained most people are complaining because they do not understand the pros and cons of the government’s decision, and they will, after series of education, realise it is a step in the right direction.

“Just imagine for the mandatory quarantine, assuming you pay GHS100 for a day, after the 14 days, you would have cashed out GHS 1,400 so why don’t you pay the GHS 870 and go your way?” he said.

That aside, Mr Afful explained if a returnee successfully passes every procedure, there would be no need containing him/her, rather, they will head straight home and escape the stress of quarantine.

The testing fee is just one of the many COVID-19 protocols that will be ensured both at the returning and departure checkpoints.


His comments come as a response to the president of the Organisation of Ghanaians Abroad, Michael Osei Mensah’s concerns about the cost of testing.

To Mr Mensah, the expensive nature of procedures makes it difficult to bring investors, financiers and volunteers into the country, adding it will send such personnel to the shores of other countries.