NPP members in Suhum fight at funeral

The 51-year-old Bernard Amoani, who was slashed in the head during a funeral in the Suhum Constituency of the Eastern Region, has recounted what happened.

Mr Amoani has revealed he arrived at the funeral with one Sammy Darko at almost 4:00 pm because he went for his in-law’s funeral at Ahwerase.

According to him, he was in a hurry to leave but stayed after they had information that one ‘Protozoa’ from the Presidency will be in attendance, hence they had to go and greet the bereaved family with him.

Recounting the incident on Adom FM’s Dwaso Nsem show, he stated the funeral went on smoothly until the Suhum Member of Parliament(MP), Boafo Kwadwo Asante, arrived.

“I am a polling station organiser at Asamankese so as the order of the day had been, we decided to escort the MP to greet as party communicators but were stopped because they said they didn’t know us,” he narrated.

Following the development, Mr Amoani stated one of their members went to announce their departure from the funeral, a situation which did not sit well with some supporters and led to the melee.

“When the fight broke out, I cautioned them to stop since our opponents were present and could use it against us but my pleas fell on deaf ears.

“I was trying my best to ensure law and order when suddenly, someone slashed my forehead. Though blood was oozing, I run after the car but the other mourners chased and got hold of me,” he added.


He further explained he did not see anything again until he was rushed to the Suhum Government Hospital where he was treated and discharged on Sunday.

Another person, Alexander Odei, he noted, sustained a minor injury on his upper lip.

“I was very broken and sad while I laid on the hospital bed because the MP did not even show up and I haven’t heard from him but Protozoa came there twice. If not for anything, the fact that I am a party supporter should have made the MP come around,” he said sadly.