Vicky Zugah

Actress and TV personality, Vicky Zugah says it takes bold people and those strong at heart to date and marry celebrities.

According to her, partners of celebrities always face huge competition from the latter’s numerous admirers and fans, among others.

 “I want to commend celebrities who are married and their partners because it takes God to save that union. Their partners have to face competitions from numerous

“You know, a ‘normal’ relationship is not even easy, not to talk of dating or marrying a celebrity”, she added.

Although she didn’t plan to become an actress, compliments such as “you are a star material’, ‘you have the face’, ‘you should try acting as a profession’ which she received all the time from friends and close associates drove her into the movie industry.

Vicky Zugah’s first movie, Trokosi, became her breakthrough movie and she believed it was luck that found her.

Since then, she has featured in a number of movies such as “The Return of Beyonce”, “Mummy’s Daughter”, “ Act of Shame”, “ Agatha”, “ Tears of Womanhood,” “ Girls Connection”, “ Pretty Queen”, and “ Return of Beyonce”.

At the moment, Vicky Zugah says she is skeptical about falling in love again because of the toxic relationships she has had. But her fears have worsened with the secrets shared with her since she started hosting Red Light Show, a relationship programme on UTV some three years ago.

Some of the information people disclosed to her, including those from her celebrity friends, have sent chills down her spine, scaring her out of her wits.

 “I have been hosting this show for more than three years now and the kind of things people, including my celeb friends, tell me rather scare the hell out of me.

“Although they want to remain anonymous, I know them and I am surprised at the kind of things they go through. I can’t believe someone will want to go stay in an abusive marriage just because they have kids with their partners or they want to save the marriage,” she said.