Obaapa Christy

A name is indeed much more than just a name but hidden within all names is a special meaning.

Gospel musician, Obaapa Christy is convinced about this fact, saying she believes in the choice of names from her parents.

Taking her turn on Adom TV’s M’ashyase3 show with Afia Amankwa Tamakloe, the musician said she was hopeful she has lived to fulfill the meaning of her names.

Being the second of nine children, comprising of five females and four males, she disclosed she was born Adwoa Kyem to wit, shield, a name she inherited from her grandmother.

“I also have other names like )kopa which means good fight, a name I also got from my family while growing up because of a song I loved so much and sang daily.

“For the Christy, it is a name from my mother’s sister while Twene as others know me is my father’s name,” she detailed.

All these powerful names, she said, have in one way or the other affected her life, stressing they epitomize the zeal and enthusiasm she has exuded over the years in her career and life at large.