The COVID-19 National Trust Fund Secretariat has presented a double cabin Mitsubishi pick-up and a cheque of Ghc646,400 to the National Commission on Culture (NCC).

The presentation is to help NCC embark on COVID-19 education through culture.

As the funds in the Trust Fund depletes, Madam Sophia Akuffo also appealed to corporate institutions, benevolent groups and associations to continue to make donations to the Trust Fund.

She stressed that more applications for support come to the Secretariat on daily basis and as such they look forward to more donations for onward distribution to facilities in need.


The Chairperson, during the presentation, bemoaned that many people have thrown out their guard “though coronavirus is still with us and causing havoc.

 “Unfortunately it seems that whenever the graph seems to be coming down and levelling off, there is a spike and I think it is quite obvious that when people see the dip, they drop their guards,” she said.

She continued: “Then the parties and the handshakes and huggings, yes we love each other but let’s stop the hugging for a bit, let’s stay alive so that we can hug later.”

She further urged Ghanaians to be extra careful especially in this festive season.

The Executive Director of the NCC, Janet Edna Nyame noted that through cultural displays, Drama, music, poetry, the Commission will make inroads in helping to educate the masses on the need to protect themselves against COVID-19.

The new pick-up.