Veteran highlife musician, Gyedu-Blay Ambolley, says fallen musician, Nana Kwame Ampadu, deserves a State burial but he fears it might never happen.

According to him, the music industry has since been diversified to the extent that musicians have been left to survive on their own.

He explained that all unions fighting for the rights of musicians such as Ghana Music Rights Organisation aren’t putting up their best to work in the interest of musicians in Ghana.

“It has become each one for himself God for us all attitude. Amakye Dede, Pat Thomas and everyone walking their own ways. It can worry us in the future,” he said in an interview on Adom TV.


According to him, Nana Ampadu sold Ghana to the world with his outstanding highlife career, hence it’s apt if he is honoured with a State burial.

What happens to your fellow can happen to you too. Looking at how he has contributed… he needs a state burial but those who have contributed when they die, nothing happens.

It’s not supposed to be so. If we don’t take care that is what will happen to all of us, he said.

Nana Ampadu was reported dead in the early hours of Tuesday, September 28. He passed on at age 76.

The musician is known for popular songs such as ‘Oman Bo Adwo’, ‘Mother’, ‘Obra’ and ‘Osaman Bi’, among others.

Watch the video below: