Ghanaian music group, Keche, made up of Keche Andrew and Keche Joshua, has dropped its latest jam, Life.

The song encourages fans never to give up on the struggles of life, urging people to focus on their doings and not those of others.

In an interview on Adom FM’s Ofie Kwanso, where the song was premiered for the first time, Keche Joshua said they were inspired by ‘living a life that doesn’t condemn others’.

Someone might be wondering how long you have been doing your job or driving your car. They think it’s easy to get those things. Don’t look at someone’s style and think they got it easy. If life was easy… The song explains itself. You don’t have to judge anyone because life is not easy, they told the host Jerry Justice.

Meanwhile, speaking on why they refused to jump on trends, Keche said they stay “sidelined” to their own genre because trends die with time.

According to Keche Joshua, their motive for staying away from trends stemmed from the late Ghanaian musician Castro ‘Underfire’.

I don’t remember the last time we wanted to follow the trend. We never thought about Azonto. We are the party guys. I feel like if you are not talented, that’s when you hop onto trends.

One thing I love and learned about Castro is that, he doesn’t know trends. When he comes to Kaywa, he will tell him, ‘I have something in my head, let’s do it’.

For us Keche, we create the song and if we get the beat, we do it and move along. When you follow trends, and it dies, you die with it, Keche Joshua maintained.