Doreen Andoh

Broadcaster Doreen Andoh says young men and women willing to take up any opportunity in their life must be willing to learn.

According to her, it is one way to help them achieve their goal and make their mark in whatever they choose.

“When going into broadcast a lot may think I am in for the fame and fortune but I want them to understand that it comes with a lot of hard work; make yourself available to learn,” she told sit-in host Bola Ray on the Cosmopolitan Mix, Monday.

Doreen Andoh said when she began her work in radio, she just had a love for it but with no training.


However, after learning from her colleagues then, she was able to learn the ins and outs when it came to hosting radio broadcasting and hosting a show.

She eventually took over as host of Joy FM’s mid-morning show the Cosmopolitan Mix and has never looked back since.

“I think another thing is humility people get paid a few checks and they think it is all. No! You can go far with humility but your money will probably get finished along the way,” she added.

The Queen of the Airwaves said that it is important for young people to enjoy themselves in what they do but to also learn compsure while doing it.

“I was in a job place where there is a lot of men and I had to say you know what if you had to succeed you need to have your head up and I did.”