Ghanaian rapper Dee Moneey says it is apt for musicians not to have friends in the music industry.

According to him, there are “two kinds of people” in the music industry, adding that “one thinks about the passion and the other focused on the business side of it.”

Explaining further, Dee Moneey said trying to have friends in the industry has the tendency to give one negative feedbacks and will lose out on some deals.

I don’t think It’s healthy to have friends in the industry just for the fact that some people feed their family of this, so they feel the competition times 10 than those who have a side hustle.

Most of us, we do this for the passion and the love for it. I always love the fact that I will record a song. We did it for fun and passion… but with someone it has to pay the bills, so there are two kinds of people.

He also said some “friends” won’t think twice to stab their colleagues in the music industry.