“It was a love at first sight”, says curvaceous Ivorian socialite, Eudoxie Yao, while commenting on her relationship with her Guinean lover, Grand P.

In an exclusive interview on Adom FM‘s Ofie Kwanso show on Wednesday, December 6, Euxodie revealed that ,they met about four years ago and have since been in an on-and-off relationship.

She detailed that, they met on social media, after which Grand P made his intentions public during one of his media engagements.

“I was not even around, I had traveled when I heard news that he was on radio professing love to me. I was abroad by then,” she said.

Their first in-person meeting happened at an event organized by Grand P in his home country, where they engaged in heartfelt conversations about love.

According to Eudoxie, she was immediately struck by an arrow of love and she decided to give Grand P a chance.

Asked if their relationship is one of the social media gimmicks or an avenue to boost their online following, she responded in the negative.

Rather, Eudoxie stated categorically that, their connection is rooted in authentic love, adding she has never underestimated Grand P due to his diminutive stature.

She also shot down rumors of financial benefit being the reason she is emotionally attached to 32-year-old Grand P.

Currently, they are engaged and are making plans to officially tie the knot.