Guinean social media sensation, Moussa Sandiana Kaba better known as Grand P has ended his four-day tour of Ghana.

He climaxed his activities by helping LEMA Press launch its new digital printing technology, The Force.

Managing Director of LEMA Press, Zina Dassa says “think of anything out of the blue, things difficult to get it printed in Ghana and you can think of the Force. The Force helps to print acrylic size A2 in 3d embossed print, wood, metals up to a size bigger than A2 “.

He also added that, this new speedy machine will ease pressure clients go through to get their works printed.

Grand P and Eudoxie were in Ghana at the behest of LEMA Press to showcase their craft to Ghana ans beyond as it strives to maintain and spread its relevance across the West Africa sub-region and the entire Africa continent.

The couple were treated to special Ghanaian tradition by the Sankofa Kete and other groups to make their stay in Ghana memorable.