Participant of Date Rush, Freelove, has faced Counsellor Lutterodt over his comments that ladies who publicly look for love are prostitutes.

Freelove, whose road to fame started from the dating show, took the comments rather personal and hurled insults at the popular counselor.

“There is a definition for prostitution and you know it; dating is different. Did you hear of any sexual scandal on the show? Counsellor has nerves I don’t even know what is wrong with him. It is so difficult for him to accept women have their own choices. I did not go there to open my legs for intimacy [SIC],” she said.

The exchange, which happened in the studios of Neat FM, got heated to the extent Freelove vowed never to marry anyone like Mr Lutterodt when she is reincarnated.


“I wonder how you get to understand your kids,” were the statements Freelove made that rose the Counselor’s anger to the peak.

Body-shaming her, Mr Lutterodt explained he was not surprised such words were coming from someone who begged for love on national TV yet was turned down.