Counselor Lutterodt, known for having fallouts with Ghanaian celebrities, has charged once again at Dancehall act, AK Songstress.

The reason for his latest charge is because the AK had dressed to expose parts of her body as she appeared on Okay FM for an interview.

“Should I cover myself with blanket, or wear a long batakari,” was the question that robbed the peace of the studio as the duo barked at each other.

According to Lutterodt, AK’s status as a Ghanaian demands that she dresses as such but AK wouldn’t have any of such moral lectures, saying she dresses the way she wants and she is unconcerned about Lutterodt’s opinion.

AK insisted that as a Dancehall act, she needed to brand herself in accordance with the genre but Lutterodt disagreed, explaining that a lot of AK’s colleagues who started like her now have regrets.


But AK warned Lutterodt not to poke his nose into her affairs since they were neither related in any way nor was he her lover.

Their back and forth led to some crew members taking the side of AK Songstress, questioning Lutterodt’s moral lectures.