Prophet Kumchacha

Founder and Leader of Heaven’s Gate Ministry, Prophet Kumchacha, has condemned the words of controversial counsellor George Lutterodt who, prior to his apology, said rape victims enjoy the act at a point.

Speaking on this on Adom FM‘s mid-morning Work and Happiness show, Prophet Kumchacha said his friend, counsellor Lutterodt made a poor submission.

According to him, his choice of words and explanation weren’t apt, hence it was only right for him to render an apology to Ghanaaians.

Lutterodt is my friend and brother, we are not perfect but he didn’t make a good submission with all honesty. But what I love is the fact that he has apologised, he told host Black I.


Talking about his possible ban from radio per petitions being signed by the public, Prophet Kumchacha deemed it harsh.

Why are they calling for him to be banned? I don’t know which part of the constitution says if someone doesn’t speak well we should ban him.

Otherwise we would have arrested a lot of the politicians because with them some of them if they speak, you will think there is war about to happen yet we still give them the platform.