Ghanaian rapper and ‘man of the moment’, E.L has spilled the beans on the production of his masterpiece, ‘Efa Wo Ho Ben.’

The song, since its emergence, has generated some positive reviews.

The concept of the song and video, E.L disclosed, was orchestrated by his technical crew and all he had to do was to sing along.

“The concept came from the producer of the beat. The beat was creative and unheard off and my job was just to fill the blanks,” he said.


Accoding to E.L, the production of the music video kept rolling for a month as the entire craft was turning out to be a logistical nightmare.

Despite all hurdles, he had relief from some personalities on board who did not fail in bringing their ‘A’ game on board to make the video a success.

“It was not difficult getting the celebrities on board because they are all talented. They are people I know personally and keep in touch with so I knew they always had my back,” he revealed.

To him, he knew the song was a hit from his production and the feedback from social media is enough confirmation.