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EC dismisses viral video alleging ballot box staffing


The Electoral Commission (EC) has reacted to a viral video of an official allegedly staffing a ballot box.

The individual depicted in a viral video was seen stuffing ballot papers into a ballot box during the Ejisu by-election.

But the EC, in a statement on May 2, said the man is not a staff and the incident is not related to the Ejisu by-election.

The Commission also debunked the video’s authenticity, stating that the official in the video is seen wearing a green vest, while the commission uses blue vests for its operations.

Another individual in the video was seen wearing an orange vest, indicating a lack of correlation with EC operations.

Additionally, the location in the video shows a polling station in an enclosed area, whereas the Commission typically conducts polling stations in open spaces.

The EC further emphasized the importance of verifying information before concluding.

EC assured the public of its commitment to transparency and fairness in electoral processes.



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