Dancegod Lloyd

Dancegod Lloyd responded to his former manager, Quables, following the public outburst and subliminal shades thrown at him.

The issue arose from Dancegod’s decision to exit the Dance With A Purpose Academy after being trained by Quables for years.

Among other things, Quables tagged him as ungrateful for also citing other dancers to leave his academy.

In his response, Dancegod Lloyd stated that he prefers not to engage in online banter with anyone, especially someone who played a pivotal role in his career.

He emphasized that his decision to leave the academy was driven by personal growth and not to sabotage the brand they co-created.

Dancegod clarified that he was not under any contractual obligation to remain with the academy and therefore had the freedom to exit as he deemed fit.

Despite the situation, he expressed genuine love for Quables, acknowledging the role Quables played in elevating his career.

Dancegod expressed his hope that their relationship would not be strained by this disagreement.