Criss Waddle and Abena Korkor

Rapper Criss Waddle has taken to Twitter to address ongoing speculation about his relationship with Abena Korkor, urging her to stop giving the impression that they are still romantically involved.

The Tema-based artist, known for hits like “Psycho,” opened up about his past connection with Abena Korkor, acknowledging that they were in a relationship during their school days.

However, he made it clear that their romantic ties are a thing of the past.

In a tweet directed at Abena Korkor, Criss Waddle expressed frustration over her tendency to suggest that they’ve been intimate whenever she experiences episodes.

He urged her to refrain from perpetuating this misconception, emphasizing that it has been years since they last interacted.

While addressing the situation, Criss Waddle highlighted his respect for women, including Abena Korkor, which has made it challenging for him to publicly address certain issues.

Nevertheless, he felt compelled to speak out to assert his boundaries and clarify the nature of their relationship.