Rapper Samuel Adu Frimpong, widely known as Medikal, has shed light on why he publicly criticized fellow rapper D Black concerning his wife, actress, and entrepreneur Fella Makafui.

Medikal, in an interview on 3Music, expressed feeling disrespected upon discovering that D Black was allegedly smoking with Fella Makafui in a public setting.

Despite their couple issues, Medikal didn’t anticipate D Black crossing boundaries with his actions.

“It didn’t take long for me to tweet about it. I had to address it before someone saw her with someone like D Black smoking Cohiba cigars together and thought it was okay. I don’t want people disrespecting me in that manner, so I had to speak up.

“That’s why I called him a b*tch a* n*gga. He reached out to me years ago for a song, and we won an award for it, so he should respect me. I wouldn’t engage in inappropriate behaviour with D Black’s wife if I saw her somewhere. That’s how I view it from my perspective.”

Medikal further expressed his decision not to keep such issues bottled up any more. He has chosen to be vocal about matters affecting his mental well-being going forward.

“I don’t want to stay quiet about anything any more. I will address issues and speak the truth. If I’m around someone like that, the environment doesn’t help me. Every decision I’ve made has brought me this far. I don’t care about how people feel about this new version of Medikal. I can’t force you to listen to my music, but I’m speaking real stuff. I’m entertaining and not harming anyone, just motivating.”

Watch the video below: