Abena Korkor

In the midst of the controversy surrounding Ghanaian rapper Medikal and his wife Fella Makafui, Abena Korkor has stepped forward to share her perspective and offer words of support.

“I love Medikal so much and Fella too. Fella is a good friend, we are not best of friends who call each other all the time, same with Medikal but I don’t know what is happening in their home. Let’s support them with prayers and love… let’s be very cautious of how we talk about people’s marriages,” Abena Korkor expressed sincerely.

Reflecting on the complexities of marriage, Abena Korkor shared insights drawn from her own experiences in relationships.

“I have not been married before but I have dated a lot of married men and a couple of married women. So at least I have first-hand experience. That is why I am not in the rush to get married. I want one that will last forever, God forbid that I will divorce in my marriage,” she disclosed in the viral video.

Watch the video below: