Hitz FM’s U Say Wetin host, Prince Don Tsegah, says Counsellor Lutterodt should be arrested for saying every rape victim enjoys the act at some point in an interview.

According to him, Counsellor Lutterodt made a “generic” statement which can rather cause many women to be raped.

In an interview on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM Friday, Mr Tsegah said Counsellor Lutterodt wants to trend, hence the reason he made such an unguarded statement.


Lutterodt is just looking for mileage. And I know that is why he made such unguarded statement. He is trying to do damage control. He generalised it and you do not do that. Because people will get the impression that if I try and rape someone somewhere she will fall for me.

So if you are the abuser make sure the person enjoys it and that is the psyche he is putting in the heads of people. He should be arrested. He shouldn’t try and justify it, he should rather come out sorry.

I have seen a very shallow part of him, anyone who is deep, even if you go through research, you should know it has a margin of error… don’t think based on your research. In fact, he got it wrong, he should come out and apologise, he said.