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Controversial Ghanaian counselor, Cyril George Carstensen Lutterodt, popularly known as Counselor Lutterodt, has claimed that every rape victim enjoys the act at some point during the act.

According to him when the act begins, even though the victim is not ready for it, they begin to enjoy it in the process hence it could be said that they have consented to the act at that point.

“Anytime the act begins, you’re not ready for it but during the act, you consent to it,” Counselor Lutterodt said.

The self-acclaimed counsellor was a panellist on a show on Adom TV with two others who strongly disagreed with his point.

When asked why victims report rape cases if his assertion was anything to go by, he said it was because the law required sex to be consensual, therefore once it’s forced, it needs to be reported.


The controversial man of God said research from most individual rape victims proves that in the end they not only enjoy the act but end up having sexual relationships with the rapist.

He said all these during an interview on Adom TV, which was strongly opposed by the host.

Lutterodt has been known over the years in Ghana for his controversial thoughts on issues relating to relationships and has received a lot of backlash from many Ghanaians.

Watch video of Lutterodt making his point on the show below: