Clemento Suarez

Despite the wave of controversy surrounding media personality Abena Korkor, comedian Clemento Suarez has offered her a shoulder to lean on.

She became a centre of attention following her frequent mental breakdown as a result of bipolar disorder, and as a result, she made her sexual escapades with some A-listed personalities public.

Consequently, she has been ridiculed and slut-shamed, but Clemento seems to understand her. Rather than the ‘mentally derailed’ person she is labelled, the comedian described her appropriately as “one special human being we have in Ghana.”

Abena Korkor
Abena Korkor

Among other tags, he identified her as his love, darling, beautiful soul with a wonderful presence, strong, intelligent, talented and warm.

To Clemento, Abena Korkor should be celebrated for her bravery in standing up for herself at a time when jabs are thrown at her.

He stated that his support will keep her going as she grows stronger and better while receiving her medical treatments to subdue her outbursts.

“Personally, I think she should be celebrated for her bravery. Through it all, she stands tall and this is remarkably worthy of emulation. She stands for that young girl who has no voice, that one who has a voice but not too bold to speak up, that one who spoke up and was later stigmatised, the one that stigmatisation made her crawl into her shell, the one who is going through all and needs an example to look up to,” he said.

Clemento Suarez urged her to make him, and the likes who believe in her proud.

In response, Abena Korkor, together with some commenters, thanked Clemento profusely for sympathising with the former.