Gospel musician, Ceccy Twum, has disclosed why many big churches in Ghana don’t like the idea of supporting gospel musicians who worship in their church.

According to her, though some churches are helping gospel musicians by setting up music labels for them in Nigeria, that can hardly happen in Ghana.

She explained that she tried helping one budding gospel artiste in her church with massive support from her husband but he eventually left them hanging.

She explained that it has been the culture of many up-and-coming gospel acts in Ghana to stop attending churches that helped them the moment they hit the limelight.

Check the number of people Pastor Chris has helped who are still with his church and check number of people in churches in Ghana who are still with the churches that helped them?


My husband and I brought one guy from Kumasi and now he is no more with the church but he was on every poster of my husband.

My husband moved to Nigeria with him. We were doing it all to get him there… in the end, he was asking the church to pay him more than what we gave him.

According to the gospel musician, who is currently promoting her Faithful God album, these kinds of things, wouldn’t want someone in the church to help others.

When asked why he doesn’t go by contract with emerging acts she wants to support, she replied: It was not by paper… it was verbal… when we are doing things we do it spiritually… we are not thinking about the business side.

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