A pastor’s wife must focus on developing an attitude of contentment. She will have to watch other people in the church do things with their kids that she is not able to do.

That also includes sometimes, watching them decorate their homes in ways she cannot decorate. She will have to watch them purchasing things that she and her family cannot purchase.

But Rev. Mrs Rita Korankye says the pastor’s wife must understand that the rewards of ministry do not always come in tangible or monetary form.

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“Every woman wants to be a pastor’s wife but it can be a lonely journey,” wife of Rev. Sam Korankye Ankrah, the Founder and General Overseer of the Royal House Chapel told Lexis Bill on the Personality Profile on Joy FM, Thursday.

One of her wishes growing up was to become a member of a religious community of women because of her passion for Kingdom business.

“I had always wanted to be a Catholic nun…It’s something that I wanted to do…,” Mrs Korankye Ankrah revealed.

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The Ashanti woman who was born and raised in Chorkor in the heart of Accra would land a job in the banking sector later in life although she would have preferred to be a dietician.

She held onto her passion until she got the chance to “preach my first sermon in a church.” She sought permission from her supervisor at the bank to take the day off to prepare for her religious assignment- and it was granted.

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The next day, Mama Rita, as she is now known, brought a cassette recording to her boss for possible feedback.

“After she listened to my preaching she advised me to resign. ‘This is not your calling, go and help your husband’s ministry’ she told me,” she recounted.

That marked the beginning of her entry into ministry.

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