Bede Ziedeng

Managing Editor of the New Crusading Guide Newspaper, Abdul Malik Kwaku Baako, feels vindicated following Prof. Kwamena Ahwoi’s claim that former President Jerry Rawlings squeezed the balls of Bede Ziedeng.

When the incident occurred and they reported, he recalled how some people in the then government denied the incident ever happened.

“As for the Bede Ziedeng balls’ incident, its an old story and we even joked with it but some people said it was a lie, now I’m happy it has been confirmed,” he stated while discussing the issue as captured in Prof Ahwoi’s book: ‘Working with Rawlings’.

The incident, according to the former Local Government Minister, has been christened ‘Abobo Ntowhe Affair’ which also means “the Crusher of Testicles Affair.”


Pages 198 to 209 of the book detailed how Mr Rawlings dealt with Mr Ziedeng who was at the time a member of the party’s Elections Committee for opposing the candidature of Prof Evans Mills in 2002.

“As Bede tells it when Rawlings and his entourage got to the entrance and the crowd surged forward to acknowledge their hero, Rawlings got hold of his testicles and squeezed them hard, so hard that he believes he fainted,” the book claimed.

Reacting to this, an excited Mr Baako said the book has confirmed what people called him out for, especially when the victim was also quite.

“Bede was always quite so people said it was not true but this book has confirmed it,” he added.