Dr Zilla Limann

The daughter of former President Dr Hilla Limann has bemoaned the lack of recognition for her father’s contributions to Ghana’s development.

According to Dr Zilla Limann, her father’s records, documenting his achievements as a former President, were deliberately destroyed by the PNDC government during the coup d’état.

She claimed the PNDC government took treacherous actions to erase significant aspects of Dr. Hilla Limann’s legacy.

This deliberate effort, including the burning of records, Dr. Zilla Limann has made it challenging to identify and acknowledge his accomplishments in history books.

“When the coup d’état happened, one of the things that the PNDC government did was to consciously erase almost everything about Dr. Hilla Limann. So, you know that when we go back to history, it is difficult to find things about Dr. Hilla Limann. If you go back to what we studied in schools, it is always glossed over,” she stated.

Despite these challenges, Dr. Zilla Limann is determined to create awareness about her father’s achievements.

The wife of popular rapper, Reggie Rockstone said she has established a foundation dedicated to propagating Dr. Hilla Limann’s achievement as a former President.

“Now that the Foundation has been formed, and we are putting things together, that’s one of the things we want to do, to create more awareness. To get people to know more about him, about what he did and the impact he had. How he contributed to the building of our motherland today and what he probably could have done if his rule hadn’t been prematurely terminated,” she added on 3FM.

Dr. Hilla Limann was elected President of the 3rd Republic in 1979 on the ticket of the People’s National Party (PNC) but ruled for only three years before being overthrown by the PNDC led by late Flt. Lt. Jerry John Rawlings.