Jerry Justice, the host of Adom FM’s Ofiekwanso, has delighted his audience with a heart-warming and unconventional love story on how he met his wife.

“I met my wife at a funeral in Afienya. She stood out with her tall and slim stature then, radiating a glow that attracted the attention of many guys. Despite the interest she garnered, I didn’t give it much thought initially. I made inquiries about her, cracked jokes with friends, but when they decided to go to another location, Monte Carlo, I chose to head home,” Jerry narrated.

The twist in the tale came when Adom FM/TV presenter, Afia Amankwah, and her husband reached out to Jerry, urging him to join them at Monte Carlo, a popular place in Tema, because the tall and beautiful girl was inquiring about him.

Despite initial hesitations, another call from Afia Amankwah’s husband, Lawrence, revealed that she was patiently waiting for Jerry’s arrival, with a chair reserved for him.

Feeling compelled, Jerry said he quickly got ready, headed to the venue, and found her waiting.

Talking further, Jerry said she asked if he was on WhatsApp, sparking an immediate conversation on the digital platform.

After the event, she requested that Jerry drop her off. Interestingly, to learn her address, Jerry Justice fabricated a story about where he was staying in Tema.

Upon reaching her place, she invited him in and offered some malt, they shared a hug, and Jerry left.

“Our connection deepened over time, ultimately leading to their marriage,” he concluded on Adom FM’s Ofie Kwanso Drive Time show ahead of Valentine’s Day.

Jerry shared the story as part of the station’s special Valentine’s Day promotion titled, Kyerɛ wo dɔ under the theme, Ɔdɔ ahyɛaseɛ, which loosely translates as ‘the beginning of love’.

Kyerɛ wo dɔ aims to celebrate love by inviting listeners to share their love stories with the world, specifically about how they met their partners.  

By participating in the campaign, listeners will stand a chance of winning many prizes with a select group of couples to be celebrated.

You can also participate by capturing and sharing your story in a brief voice note or video via WhatsApp to 054 010 6467.

You may also upload your voice or video recording on your personal Facebook, Instagram, X, and TikTok pages and tag Adom1063fm with the hashtag #KyereWoDo.