Affected victims have shared their horrifying accounts on the cause of explosion at Apiate, on Thursday, January 21.

Buildings and other facilities at Apiate near Bogoso were destroyed, with some victims heavily injured.

Speaking to Adom News, some victims, after receiving treatment, disclosed their sad experiences during the unfortunate occurrence.

“Yesterday, late afternoon, the accident occurred after a motorcycle collided with the tanker and caught fire,” one victim said.

“The driver of the tanker managed to slow down the vehicle before getting out, however, the fire continued,” he explained.

Mr Mensah (victim), who is a carpenter, revealed that the victims who gathered around the incident had no idea there will be such a big explosion.

“This was the first time such a big incident has happened in the town so we plead with the government and individuals to come to our aid,” he told Adom News.

Victim from Apiate explosion, Mr Mensah

According to another injured victim, the wave of the blast left him unconscious until he found himself in a hospital bed.

“I was at home when I heard about the incident near the road so I rushed out to find out the cause,” the victim narrated.

“I was left unconscious after the blast when I almost got near to the incident and later woke up in the hospital so I couldn’t recall what happened after the incident,” he said.