Ahunna Scarlet Ejiogu, a political journalist and seer, has struck again after her doom prophecy on South African rapper Kiernan ‘AKA’ Forbes came to pass.

As far back as May 2021, Scarlet foresaw the demise of the 35-year-old; he will be shot for meddling with the wrong people.

True to her word, AKA was gunned down in front of a restaurant in Durban where he had gone with friends to celebrate his last birthday.

This gave some veracity to Ahunna’s being as a seer and netizens have camped on her page for prophetic declarations.

And she has struck again, and this time, her target is American superstar, R. Kelly who is currently in detention following his rape and sexual assault charges.

According to Ahunna, God has revealed to her plots to kill the singer in prison.

In a tweet, she revealed R.Kelly’s assassination will spell doom for American president, Joe Biden.

She revealed God is instructing the American President to grant R. Kelly clemency or else he will commit suicide before his enemies get to him.