Musician Tinny is not ready to give colleague Wisa Greid any attention, despite his efforts to start a ‘beef’.

As readers may recall, news of Tinny testing positive was COVID-19 was fulled by Wisa who later apologised for his conduct.

Tinny has since given an unmeasured response to his fellow musician, saying only a ‘fool and undisciplined’ person will make loose talk against someone who he once served in the music industry.

“When I saw his post, I laughed because only a f**l and someone who has no home training would make such comments. He is just angry I sacked him from the Bad Man Family hence the unnecessary comments he keeps making about me. I don’t think I will ever respond to him because he is below standard.”

Speaking on Kingdom FM, an angry Tinny said Wisa didn’t have the required training hence his uncouth behaviour.