A Ghanaian lady has revealed in an interview how she was forced into prostitution after her parents neglected her at an early age in Kumasi.

Musdapshria Abdul-Kareem, known by many as Hajia Watarana, said she was unable to complete school because her parents went their separate ways, adding that none of them wanted to live and cater for her.

Speaking to SVTV Africa, Hajia Watarana explained that she had to find ways and means to cater for herself because life became unbearable for her when she was left with no alternative than to live with her grandparents.

She disclosed that when she got to her final year in Junior High School (JHS), she couldn’t continue because she couldn’t afford her tuition.

Hajia said she decided not to continue school so she made friends who slept on the “streets” and through that she met a woman in Kumasi who convinced her she’d give her work to do in Accra.

Upon reaching Accra, specifically Lapaz (Bigot), a locality well-noted for night life and “sex workers”, she got to know the woman was into prostitution.

And she brought me to Lapaz. I didn’t know she was into prostitution. I told her I was shy and later we had a misunderstanding where she used scissors to hurt me but I got into it anyway.

I took 500 Cedis with the first man I slept with. Even when I agreed to stay with her, she refused to let me sleep on the bed. I was sleeping on the floor.


Watarana says she still believes that one day someone would tie the knot with her regardless what she may be doing now.

I have a dream that one day I will marry and I will leave this life behind me but I want to be able to build a business like a washing bay for myself.

I believe I will have a husband who will be willing to take care of me so I take very good care of myself even though I know what this is about, she said.

Meanwhile, she had a final message for Ghanaians:

My parents were alive but I couldn’t see them, I always wanted to wear a uniform and later work in an office but I didn’t get it that way. If you are not ready for a baby, it will be better you abort. Don’t bring the baby into the world to suffer.

If you are a young girl like me, make sure your life is perfect. Don’t do something that will make you suffer. Don’t say your parents didn’t support you so you will be going for worse things. Now I have somewhere to sleep but what I will advise others against it.

Watch the full interview below: