Female gospel musician has fired a salvo at colleague Ernest Opoku over his critique after she performed for an alcoholic beverage company.

Anita Afriyie claims some male gospel musicians including Mr. Opoku who act holier than thou are ‘snakes under grass’.

Her comment comes after Ernest Opoku described her as a “hypocrite’ for performing at ‘Adonko Bash’; a show to promote Adonko bitters on Easter Monday at the Kumasi Sports Stadium.

Ernest Opoku maintained that conduct has brought the name of the industry into disrepute for promoting alcohol consumption especially to the youth.

But in a rebuttal, Anita Afriyie on Adom FM’s entertain review show ‘Adom Entertainment hall said Ernest Opoku and his cohorts lack the moral right to criticize her.

She explained that, majority of the male gospel musicians engage in amorous relationship but “but pretend to be holier than Jesus Christ”

The “Adehye Mogya” hitmaker when asked by show host, Mike 2 to provide evidence said “give me just two weeks and I will expose them”

“They should watch out for me; I will come back for them” she stressed.

Anita Afriyie maintained that she rather won more souls for Christ after performing at the Adonko bash.

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  1. What in the name of God is she saying?why cant we as a people accept criticisms ?If you are christian not just a gospel singer ,you would not react in the way you did.Go back and expose them and lets see if that wins souls for God .ah ,lets stop tarnishing the image of God

  2. Devils are singing Gospel music nowadays and we assume they are saved souls, for me I don’t even respect some of those gospel music, how can Anita compare herself to Ernest Opoku in music.

  3. Anita please, I will advice you don’t repeat that. Your love for money to the extent of performing at adonko show question your stand as a true believer. Stop lieing you won souls for Christ. Why not tell the Ghanaian public you won souls for adonko which was what you actually did. Anita, be careful else your career will suffer it.

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