Rastafarian student, Tyrone Iras Marhguy, has broken silence on why he was not part of Achimota Senior High School’s (SHS) squad for the 2023 National Science and Maths Quiz (NSMQ).

Several Ghanaians were excited after a photo of Achimota’s potential team for the highly anticipated annual contest featured Tyrone.

He was spotted in a social media post depicting the schools trial session ahead of the NSMQ season.

But bubbles were burst after he missed out on the final squad.

However, Tyrone has disclosed he was dropped from the team because he did not study biology.

Despite being a Science student, his electives in addition to the four core subjects were Chemistry, Physics, Elective Mathematics and Information Technology (ICT).

“I got into the first 15 during the selection test so I was part of the team. But moving forward it was the biology. It was as if you can’t have biology not in sync.

“If the problem of the day happens to be biology, it will be a catastrophe because I can’t do anything and will just watch my colleague. Though I practiced and learned the biology, there were others who had been doing it for like three years so after everything I just didn’t take part,” he told Accra-based TV3.