Quamina MP

Budding musician and record producer, Quamina MP, has opened up on the one-time his late father appeared in his dream and how the conversation they had molded his life.

Quamina MP, who had an enviable relationship with his late father, Bongo Amonoo, said he is still yet to heal from the pain of his demise.

According to him, not a day passes by without his father in his thought, as he revisits the painful moment they were both involved in an accident a year ago, which proved fatal for his father.

Bongo breathed his last a day after the ghastly accident on the Akosombo road in the Eastern Region.

It is based on this pain that he said he found himself crying himself to sleep one time, and his late father appeared to him in a dream.

He said on Adom TV’s weekend entertainment show, Ahosepe Xtra that his father comforted and encouraged him to push harder.

“I remember I had a dream and in the dream I was crying and he came to me and he was like I should stop crying, I should stop worrying. And from that time, I had some energy that I should push on. If he were alive, that is what he would want from me,” he said.

On how the loss has affected his craft, the Amanfour Girls crooner said his father was his cheerleader and one of the few people who had access to his music draft.


He said his father’s constructive criticisms were his major areas of interest when releasing new songs.

Being a music enthusiast before his passing, Quamina MP said he inherited his passion for music from the late Bongo and he would continue to pursue it to the point of satisfaction.

“I feel he is with me every step of the way he is my strength. I have to do it for him, for family and my core fans and everybody,” he said.