Mzbel slams Abeiku Santana

Songstress Mzbel is channeling her inner goddess to keep humanity prepared for unforeseen circumstances

Mzbel, who is currently going through a spiritual awakening, has once again received a vision, but this time relating only to Ghana.

Per the dream, Ghana will experience water shortage in the coming year, adding that the situation was “that bad”.

Mzbel indicated she saw people fighting over little amount of water, while those who could afford were even denied.

“I just had a dream. There was water shortage everywhere. Saw people fighting over little amount of water, others offering to pay anything just for a cup of water,” she wrote on her official Instagram handle.

Her vision has shaken her 1.2 million followers since her last prophecy came to pass.

Mzbel stated that a spirit whispered to her that the Messi-led Argentina team will win the world cup, at a time when the team was yet to announce starting 11.

True to her word, Argentina became world champions, a third time, since the tournament started 92 years ago.