The task of the week was uncomplicated; prepare a creativity filled breakfast for a visiting cousin

Week six of the maiden edition of Joy Prime’s kids cooking show, Big Chef, which airs on the premises of GH Media School every Sunday from 3:30pm to 5:00pm, took a different turn this weekend.  

The contestants gave credence to A.A. Gills’ saying that “breakfast is everything; the beginning, the first thing. It is the mouthful that is the commitment to a new day, a continuing life.”

The task of the week was uncomplicated; prepare a creativity-filled breakfast for a visiting cousin.

In the 45 minutes as set by the Chefs; Adepa and Rafiatu, the contestants who were up and running did not disappoint in fixing a single plate breakfast.

Neither of the contestants could deny a perfect breakfast must include eggs; as they did not fail in accompanying their meals with omelets, toast, steamed and fried eggs.

Rodney served patrons and judges with a delightful hot chocolate with bread and omelet, salad leaving Victoria no other option than to garnish her bread and omelet with sausages and baked beans.

 Loviette presented a rainbow salad, toasted bread, and banana smoothie as Maame Yaa served her corn porridge together with eggs and her avocado sandwich.

Christopher was in the good books of the judges as he played safe with his sausage veggies sauce and bread omelets beating Gertrude with her milkshake, eggs and salad.

Taking a different twist on the night, Khadijah served her hot Hausa koko with eggs koose, veggies koose and koose bread as Nana Adwoa dished out potato hash browns and smoothie.

Regina in attempt to match up displayed her toasted bread with baked beans, sausage and toasted eggs while Abigail platted her hot chocolate, eggs, bread and salad.

Clifford amazed the judges with his best received yet;  bread omelet and steamed eggs with oats.