1st wife, bride engage in dirty fight

An Awure held to usher a second wife into her matrimonial home ended in limbo after the first wife engaged the celebrants in a fight.

According to reports, in the course of the wedding, the first wife made attempts to remind the bride of her position in their husband’s life.

She is said to have sat on the laps of the groom, who pushed her off, out of respect for the bride’s family.

The incident is said to have infuriated the wife, who in revenge, hit the bride. The Amarya retaliated with a slap.

This generated a dirty fight among the two wives and their husband, as guests struggled to seperate them.

Some videos shared from the event saw the first wife gripping the groom by his collar, despite many pleas to let go.

It is said the marriage ceremony ended unsuccessfully. As it stands, the first wife remains the only legitimate spouse.

Video below: