US-based Ghanaian twins, Akwasi Kuffour and Akwasi Panyin have disclosed that they make $4,000 (GH¢30,000) per month with only a cyber security certificate.

Speaking on SVTV Africa, the twins indicated that they have been in Virginia for only six months, but they live comfortably with the job they have. According to Kuffour, it is not easy as people think. However, the salary is worth it.

“I work night shifts. They have painted a picture to suggest that it is easy, but it’s very tough. The company pays $18, and we work 12 hours daily….we can make $4,000 monthly,” Kuffour stated.


Panyin further disclosed that they have dreams of attending a university to further their education in the IT field.

“After we work for a while, we will save to fund our education. If the government gives you a loan, it comes with interest, and you will have to pay.”

“So I’m starting with the cyber security certification, and they could pay $6,000 monthly, and I can save $4,000,” Panyin told host DJ Nyaami.

Panyin further indicated that there’s been a drastic change in his life. According to him, he couldn’t make GH¢20,000 per month in Ghana.

“I ran a mattress shop in Ghana, and I could not make sales for two weeks consecutively. I have to eat, save all. Some are making more than that, but out of 30 million Ghanaians, only 2 million make that kind of money monthly. About 92% of the youth are hustling. If you make GH¢1,000 a month, you won’t be able to save even GH¢400,” he added.