Music duo Keche
Music duo Keche

Ghanaian music duo, Keche has raised concerns about the lack of foresight in the Tourism Minister’s funeral policy initiative, emphasising that it fails to consider the feelings of mourning and death.

In a recent interview on Property FM, Keche expressed reservations about the Tourism Minister, Dr. Mohammed Awal’s proposal to use funerals as a means to boost tourism.

The duo didn’t agree with the opinion that funerals could be leveraged for tourism purposes, particularly when people are in a state of mourning.

“I don’t know what he was thinking before he said that, but I think that with the way people have spoken about his funeral tourism initiative, he will have a rethink. Maybe upon a careful second thought, he would realise that he could have presented it in a different way, so I don’t support him in any way,” Keche remarked.

Keche also suggested that, the Minister should consider alternative avenues to promote tourism that are culturally rich, highlighting the potential of Ghana’s festivals and traditional marriages as attractive opportunities for tourism development.

“We have festivals in Ghana, like we do all over the world, and ours are rooted in traditional activities with a rich cultural heritage. Even our traditional marriages offer significant potential for advancing the tourism industry. So why should the Minister limit his focus to funerals?” Keche questioned.