The Big Talent Show week 3

With eviction being in the corner, The Big Talent Show contestants went beyond their normal ways in Week 3 to cement positions that would rate them up the ladder in the talent reality show.

Little did they know the eviction process has been shifted to next week but it was worth it because of the sparkling performances that got judges almost out of their seats.

Shatta Wifi, the first contestant for the night, rolled up the curtain performing a hit song from Backstreet Boys dubbed As Long As You Love Me. His singing and rapping were atop a slow-groove gesture that got many nodding their heads in appreciation.

Shatta Wifi opens up the show

Bie Gya took on the salsa wave. She literally took the audience to Mexico with her amazing performance. The judges commended her for being different and creative.

Bie Gya brings on Salsa to the competition

Church Heathen by Jamaican music star Shaggy was the song contestant Fred chose to perform this week. He gave off his religious dance moves but judges urged him to open up his creative book the more.

Fred escapes eviction with wild dance moves

Martha rocked patrons with some reggae-infused gospel songs. Her performance was good and judged well.

Martha thrills crowd with her reggae gospel songs

Tapoli keeps showing how talented he is with how dynamic his performances are. His amateurish magic tricks amazed viewers that watched on as he causes a missing lemon to appear from one of the bags in the crowd. As a magician for the night, the judges yearned for more from him.

Tapoli does the lemon magic trick

C-Nortey got creative with his dancing-teacher status. In his classroom this week, all the students danced with him even as he whipped them.

He played on the song Calling You by Aqua. His creativity was rated top-notch by judges. C-Nortey was lauded for his performance – which preached on the need to send children to school.

C-Nortey, the dancing teacher

Size Two took the turn of a pompous deportee who was faking his life by smoking cigarette in a public space. It took a police encounter to stop Size Two from keeping up with his unhealthy and fake lifestyle.

Size Two, the fake deportee

Contestant King Solomon tagged himself the Junior Michael Jackson. His attempt to imitate the late music legend didn’t really impress two of the judges.

King Solomon, the junior Michael Jackson


The adrenaline-packed performance will continue to linger in the memories of fans who watched Faith Power on the Big Talent Show last weekend. Everyone was amused at how he could arrange fragile objects on a knife while holding it up with his bare teeth.

Faith holds wines glasses, bottle on a knife with his bare teeth

Judges couldn’t hold back in their chairs when he pulled up a chair for the same stunt.

Akumaa Mama Zimbi gets out of her chair to the amazement of Faith Power’s breathtaking performance
Faith power showcases outstanding talent
Akumaa Mama Zimbi closes her eyes whiles Faith Power performs

Nana Yaw was the third dancer for the night. He displayed some old school dance moves to carry on in the talent reality show.

Nana Yaw

Paul Gee didn’t do commentary this time so he opted for drama. He fell victim after wooing a woman only to find out later she was blind.

Paul Gee woos a blind lady

Ankaa Bako performed his own song and judges urged him on well. He was applauded for his appropriate costume and ability to lead the audience to sing along with him.

Ankaa Bako

Short Prophet was the Rastafarian for the night. He proved his music prowess by shifting from his usual gospel genre to performing reggae tunes. His ‘fake’ dreadlocks synched well with his show.

Short Prophet

Enjoy more photos from the event below starting with the judges:

Judge Adwoa Smart at The Big Talent Show
Judge Adwoa Smart at The Big Talent Show
Judge Clemento Suarez at The Big Talent Show
Judge Clemento Suarez at The Big Talent Show
Judge Akumaa Mama Zimbi at The Big Talent Show
Judge Akumaa Mama Zimbi at The Big Talent Show

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