The father of the late singer Ebony Reigns, Opoku Kwarteng, says he is yet to have a conversation with the driver who was driving his daughter until she met her untimely death three years ago.

According to him, all efforts to meet the man landed on rocks after he pleaded with the police and investigators to let him have a word with him few days after the incident occurred.

Mr Kwarteng, also known as Starboy Kwarteng, said he wants the driver to give his own account on how the accident happened since he was the one in charge of the Jeep vehicle.


No I have not seen him yet. The only thing I could do was to go to the police to let me see him to tell me what happened. He is the only soul who experienced it so his account will be splendid.

I have been waiting… I have not heard his voice. I am told he lives at Nungua. I don’t need him. I will need him to explain to the world but not personal.

I have been looking for him to answer questions in public… this guy one day sometime somewhere [we will meet], he told Andy Dosty.