Authorities at Sekyere-Kumawu District Assembly say they are compelled to lay-off some of its 42 revenue collectors as a safety measure in the prevention of coronavirus.

According to District Chief Executive, Samuel Addai Agyekum, the Assembly members, including government appointees, are more than 36 yet they cannot meet revenue target because of low collection.

Mr Agyekum explained the predominantly agricultural economy depends on purchase of farm produce by traders from outside yet their presence cannot be felt in the markets because of COVID-19 scare.

The impact of the pandemic on mobilisation, he revealed, is unbearable exposing them to pressure to review revenue target for the year.


The Assembly’s Covid-19 response team is currently moving from town to town to educate residents.

Though the assembly is under-resourced, it has procured some medical logistics and other preventive items to hospitals and lorry terminals within the district as they look forward for support from the government through the local Government and Rural Development Ministry.