One 75-year-old woman stole the spotlight at the ‘Save Ghana Football Demonstration,’ leaving onlookers in awe of her unwavering spirit.

Undeterred by her age, with each step, she epitomized the unwavering commitment and passion that coursed through the #SaveGhanaFootball demonstration, emphasizing the need to revamp old stadiums and build new training facilities to support sports in Ghana.

“We were winning, and I couldn’t sleep when we lost in the AFCON. I want them to fix all the stadiums that have been destroyed so we can get ahead in football globally. I really love the game and Black Stars.” She told Adom News’ Kulenu Joshua.2

Her demeanour and unwavering determination left an indelible impression on those around her, serving as a powerful symbol of the resilience and resolve of Ghanaian football fans.

Check out some of the photos from the demonstration below:

‘Save Ghana Football Demonstration


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