A Supreme Court Judge, Emmanuel Yonny Kulendi, has disclosed how he tried hard to avoid ex-President Rawlings but he was tracked down.

Justice Kulendi disclosed this when recounting fond memories of the statesman following his demise on Thursday, November 12, 2020.

“My personal habit was usually to avoid big men so I always managed to avoid President Rawlings in all manner of circumstances but he tracked me down,” he said.

Speaking on Joy FM’s SMS show, he described the late former President as an intriguing personality, who will never be forgotten.

He added Mr Rawlings’ personal aide had a responsibility to ensure they met at all costs, adding they had a mutual friendship as well.


Detailing how cordial their friendship was, Justice Kulendi noted: “He commented on almost everything from my haircut, shoe, cufflinks, tie, suit and he said he was inspired. He is such an infectious individual.”

Listen to Justice Kulendi in the video above: